Mah friends. Ever since I were so the bad on Sunday, I has been extra sad and scared.

Over the night, I takes many ketchup packets from the table, and I puts them in other rooms for Mommy to find in the morning. I does not eat the ketchup, I just places them in speshul ways to protect us.

I insists to sit on Mommy’s lap much of the day. It are urgent that I must do this.

I worries about things, and I tells my mommy, “Mommy, I are worried. Are it ok? Do you promise it are ok? Are you verruh verruh shure that it ok??”

I makes mah daddy do Belly Touch Time with me. This are somethin I do every day to make sure that everything ok. I puts mah belly on Mommy or Daddy until I feels better. I puffs mah back up into the air and stands verruh still until I knows, Lucy gonna be ok.

Mommy take me for a little run on mah leash and I wears mah speshul harness that I love so much. Then she wants to read her book, so I helps her. I stays very close, acause I needs mah Mommy so much. And then, I feels a little better. I feels a little less sad bout mah be-have-yours from Sunday night where I were so scared. And I helps mah Mommy read her book in mah speshul harness, and I think things gonna be ok.

Maybe now I gonna go eat them ketchups.