Hey yous! Guess what? Today this not Bad Loo-cee. Hahaha today this Piper!

(Shhhhh it are a secret – Bad Loo-cee do not know that I are typin stories on her story blog! I shure she will not mind!)

Bad Loo-cee comes to mah house, and my Mommy read me her blog stories afore she get her. And I hear that she want to be mah friend! Bad Loo-cee are always so bad, it make me so ank-shus, and I hides all the time. But this story make me feel the warm and fuzz-ee inside, so all day, I be so nice and friendly to Bad Loo-cee.

It turn out, this are not what Bad Loo-cee want. I gess she think I were tryina play a trick on her. But I were not! I were jus bein mah friendly self!

So Bad Loo-cee make growlies at me, and she hafta go in her pen! Hahaha! Bad Loo-cee goes to pen-al-tee box and I gets the fam-lee all to mahself! HAHAHA I LAFF!

(It are not acause I mean that I laffs. It are just acuse it one of those things. Like I always ascared of Bad Loo-cee, and the one time I tries to be so nice, she decide she don’t like me. It are one of those things like that. Plus I get so much more sleep when she not chasin me around under the table.)

So, I takes out my kal-ka-later and I does a math, and mah math tells me, it be 2 more visit until Bad Loo-cee and I the best of friends. We gonna work it out. Just you all sees.

And if we do not get along, it are ob-vi-usly not mah fault. I are an angel. You can even sees mah halo! Bye for now mah friends!