Hullo mah friends, this are mah first time in West Vir-gin-ya!

I go on long car ride with Mommy and Daddy. Most the trip, I be-hayves. I tries to sleep and be so good, but sometimes, I so excited that I wants to help drive!

Then it are cheeseburger time. Cheeseburger time take a million years. What make this cheeseburger take so long??? (It were good.)

Then we arrives at ho-tel! This mah big smile that I shows you so you know how happy I are!!

But then mah parents say I makin too many stomps. So, even though I has so much energies, it are time for bed. Daddy makes mah little bed all ready, and I goes in to have sleep. Tomorrow we gonna goes for a hike with mah speshul backpack, and I can’t waits! Gonna have so many good dreams tonight!