Looking for SpringHullo, Spring? You out there? I knows you comin soon, I wants you to hurry up and gets here!

decoratingI thinks, ‘I knows wut will hurry up Spring! I will makes mah Eas-ter dekky-rashuns!’

easter decorationsFirst thing, I has Mommy go the attic (I comes with, acause that mah fav-o-rite place!), and I has her bring down mah dekky-rashuns.

easter decorationsI selek all the best ones with mah nose. I thinks bout where I gonna puts them, and I thinks real hard with mah smart brain, and makes de-ciz-uns.

sleepy(Don’t know if you knows this, but makin de-ciz-uns very ex-hos-ting.)

easter decorationsI make this nice dis-play by the door so all mah friends who comes to visit gets to see the nice Spring dekky-rashuns. Look the bunnies! Look the birdies! Look the small purple dog! I puts these all up by mahself.

easter decoratingOkay okay. I tells them, Mommy. You has to help me hang the circle of egg up there. I too little to reach it.

happy easterThen I puts up mah Happy Eas-ter sign, and I sits on the stairs, and waits a little longer to see if the Spring can be here. I looks at the door so pay-shent-ly, and I waits for Spring to arrive. But it does not yet.

springBut I know it comin. And now, mah house all ready for when it get here! Hurry up Spring, I ready for you!