Big SmilesHi mah friends! Gess who it is? It your friend Lucy! I gonna tell you bouts mah fav-rit time of year!

CutieNo, not dinner time. Not even nap time!

CutieMah fav-rit time are the fall! You wants to know why?

Pretty FlapperIt cos-tume time! It cos-tume time for Howl-ween! This year, I dress as pretty flappy. Look mah dress! (Do not look at how it fallin off mah big ol bee-hind. Jus look how pretty I am.)

Pretty FlapperWhen I put on mah flappy dress, Mommy say, “Lucy we gonna dance a Charley-ston, we gonna drink a side-car, and we gonna say ‘this the bee-sneez!'” All these things so fun, I jus love bein a pretty flappy!

SaucyYou know wut *else* I love bout the fall?

PumpkinI love punkin time!! Look mah punkin!

PunkinThis year, mah punkin extra-speshul. You know why? It acause mah Grandma growd it jus for me in the garden!!

I reeeeally want it!You know how many other doggles got a punkin like mah punkin? NO ONE! NO ONE GOT A PUNKIN LIKE THIS ACAUSE MAH GRANDMA GROWD IT JUST FOR ME!

punkinI get so excite bout mah punkin that I jus give mah paw over and over.

Mah PUnkinThis punkin jus mine. It jus all mine (even though mah Daddy carves it for me acause I not allowed to use the sharp and pointys).

YummyAlso, I let you know that this punkin such good kwal-tee acause it taste delishus. Jus delishus!

ScarfWut else I love bout the fall? I love fall fash-un. I love mah scarf!

ScarfI wear many scarf acause I jus a little fash-un-eesta. That what Mommy call me. I think it like French or something for ‘pretty pretty doggle.’

Happy GalBut mah fav-rit part mah fav-rit the fall??

CutieThe go-outside part!! I love the leafs! I jus runs about and enjoys the leafs so much!

SniffinI sniffs the air. I sniffs all the fall smells, smell like mag-ik out here! Smell so lovely, I jus gonna stay here all day and play and romp and rump-us!

MeddytateAnd then, I do my do-ga praktiss in the leafs. And I meddy-tate, and I think bout how happy I am to have the fall. And I jus so happy, mah friends. I jus so happy.