Hullo mah friends. It are Piper! I gonna tells you a story.HappyMah Mommy and Daddy say, Piper! Gess wut? You turnin many years old and then it are Thanks-Giving! I’m like, oh that sound nice! Love me some Thanks-Giving! I sees Grandma, I sees mah sees-ter, I eats all the turkey in the world, I eats all the pie in the land!

What You Had SaidThen I remember. Then I remember who come over too on Thanks-Giving. Then I’m like, Wait. Wait Bad Loo-cee aren’t come over, are she?

A suckThen I hear she are. This such a suck. This the biggest suck. I sit in yard and pout for like, evers. Ugh. This so bad.

BrattyBad Loo-Cee such a brat. She steal all mah noms, all mah stuff, all mah things, all mah ten-shun from the grownd-ups. Look that face. That the face of a ten-shun theef. Haet her so bad.

MedicineSo Mommy say, “Piper you gotta take your med-cins. You too upset already and the Bad Loo-cee not even get here yet.” So I takes it. I takes mah medcins. I cans not feel mah toes no more.

DrunkIt like, I know I GOT toes down there. I jus cants feel them. I can sees them, but they movin me around places and I don’t know hows I get there. Feel so good.

SleepingI sleep all thru Bad Loo-cee arrive. I sleep all thru night, have won-der-ful dreams bout chickin that I eat. I sleep all thru Macy Day Parade, dream that I in parade doin a dance!

With Mah SeesterMah sees-ter wake me up to give me some pie and take a pickshure with me. I sees this pickshure later, I don’t even remembers bein in it! I think I were dreamin when this pickshur get taken!

HidingSo mah friends, this Thanks-Giving, I thank-ful for med-cins that make me forget the Bad Loo-cee in mah house. I thank-ful for all them nice dreams bout the chickin and mah dancin. And I thank-ful that after Bad Loo-cee go home, mah med-cins wear off and I can feel mah toes again.

PiperBut also, I thank-ful we got more med-cins in the bottle. Jus in case I needs them. Jus in case I don’t wants to feel mah toes again. I were kinda worried… but I kinda like it.