Lucy BuhoHi mah friends. Today, Lucy gonna tell you a story bout how sometimes, you does a bad, but it are *akshully* a good. Wut happen were this.

Lucy & MommyMommy Daddy love to travel. And sometimes, I go with. And this the best ever!

sadBut sometimes, they go up in the air, and then I can’ts go. Then I gotta stays here. And that are a big suck.

disbeliefYou sees, mah friends, when they go up in the air, I can’ts just stay at mah house. I gotta go the KENNEL.

hidingIt not that I haet the Kennel. It just that I HAET the Kennel.

IMG_20140404_134139107This time, Mommy are pack up her bags. She are pack up mah bags. She are say, Lucy we gettin ready to go! So I gets excite. I think, this time LUCY go the trip!

grouchyNo. No it are not so. I kno right ways that I not go. I kno right ways that we goin to the Kennel. Haet it there. Haet how they give me freezey Kong, haet how they pet me, haet how those other dogs be so mean to me.

divaThey like, “Duh Lucy on Wen-day we wear pink.” And I’m like, “Wut? Wut I don’t know this!” And they like, “Lucy you wearin sweatpants, you can’ts sit with us!” And I’m like, “These sweatpants only pants fit Lucy right now!” And they like, “Ugh Lucy you don’t even GO HERE.”

sadAnd in general it all jus so very bad for mah self-steem.

123spishusSo I makes a plan. A tan-trum plan.

047littletoesbybedI throws a fit. Wen other dogs walk past mah condo, I throws mahself into the walls. I throws mahself into the walls and I cries and cries and cries. I goes, ‘BARK BARK BARK THEY ALL SO MEAN TO ME WAAAAAAH HAET THEM HAET THIS PLACE HAAAAAAAAEETTTTTTT’. For hours. For millions of hours.

080waitingfordaddy2Well wut you kno. The Kennel Lady call mah Daddy in Cally-forn-ya. It so bad she call mah Daddy at 6 the morning! Hahahaha she say, “Lucy so upset, Lucy jus get sick it so urgent you come rights now and you fetch her acause she has made herself sooooooo sick you mus come get her right away and take her home and never can she ever come back here acause it jus too much for her sensy-tive delly-cate smart brain to handle.”084chillaxindoggy3So gess wut? Mah Mommy get so worried bout me, she call mah Grandma right way and say, “Grandma it URGENT go get poor Lucy, she jus so sick, go gets her right way!” and Grandma DOES IT.

happyAs it turn out, Lucy jus fine soon as she get to Grandma Grandpa house. Lucy make rack-u-lus covery.

Lucy Granpa CampfireI helps Grandpa make a fire-camp!

lucydigsI help Grandma dig holes in her garden!

Why can't we be friendsI even spend some kwal-i-tee time with mah best buddy Fat Piper! She not mind if I wear sweatpants on Mondays and forget pink on Wen-day.

lucyonporchSo as it turn out, this are pretty much mah best Kennel stay ever! As it turn out, I never allow to go back to Kennel again! If Mommy Daddy go way, they gotta either brings me, or I gotta go Grandma Grandpa’s house!


So mah friends, hope you learns from Lucy. Sometime, you gotta do a bad acause it turn out to be a good. Sometime you gotta make a tan-trum and fake a sick to get the good thing you KNOW you need.

098sleeperI shure kno it work for me.