Hi mah friends! Today, Lucy gonna tells you bout how I were helpful, bout how I maek a thing with Mommy Daddy!

sharkSometime, it very portant to maek Things. Things keep your house clean. Things help you put away other things! The Thing we maek come from the KEA.

lucyFirst thing you gotta do, you gotta take all the parts out of the box of the Thing. Well, first Mommy go the KEA and pick your Thing up, then Daddy bring it in the house, but THEN you take all the parts out of the box.

lucySometime you take out all the parts and you go ‘OH MAH THERE SO MANY PARTS TO MAKE THIS THING’ but that normal. That wut happen to us all when we maek a Thing.

lucyNext, gotta set out all the parts in order. It good to inspek all the parts once you put them on the floor. Maybe you take a couple lick of the parts, jus to maek sure.

instructionsThis use-ly when I look at struck-shuns. These struck-shuns have pickshures. And the pickshures show you how to put the Thing together! Verruh portant to read the struck-shuns.

boardYou gotta move all the parts to the right places! Only one part go in every place, so you gotta do it right!

napThen maybe you take a nap for a minit. Jus a minit. Jus acause this such hard work.

helping daddyThis when you tell your Daddy he gotta help, that you gots a job for him. You let him know this such hard work, and he will help. This maeks Daddys feel very portant, and that maek them happy. Daddys need jobs to do, this a thing I know for shure.

inspectingYou gotta keep walking around and sniffing the parts of your Thing. If you don’t, they could sneak off and you would lose them!

shockingSometime, you put a part in a wrong place! And it jus maek you go ‘OH NO WUT LUCY DID HERE THIS ARE NOT AT ALL LOOK RIGHT!’

little workerSo then course it back to the struck-shuns. Gotta see where you maek your mis-take. Gotta fix your mis-take like the pickshure shows.

inspectingYou mus check real careful this time so you don’ts maek that same mis-take again. Sometimes you gotta take screw out, put other screw in, move board, turn board around. It lots of work.

overseeingSo then basik-ly it become too much work so you jus let your Daddy do it, but you mus super-vise.

shelvesFine-ly, Daddy maek the whole Thing! And then we put in shelfs. The shelfs so portant, acause that where the things go in our Thing!

so exciteThen you done!! Then you and your Daddy jus celly-brate! Look wut good work we do! Look how we maek a Thing! Then it time for Daddy to fill the Thing with things!

all doneBut best part of Maek a Thing is at the end, wen you jus sit in front of your Thing and know what a good job you done. You know it such a helpful Thing, hold many of the things, look so nice in the room, maek your Mommy so happy. Now you can go to the KEA and maek your own Thing, friends!!