Hi friends! I know I not be write in mah storyblog a lot lately. I been busy. Been have lots of moshuns. I will try to post more. Today I want to share mah Thursday with you!

Rescued and Lovin It When I were little baby, Mommy get me shirt that say ‘rescued and love it!’ It were so cute. I look much cute in it, so nice, fit jus perfect.

Rescued and Lovin ItDon’t laff, I were fall in this pickshure. Not shure why. Always fall a lot as baby, very klutz, not have grace and dainty like I do now. But you can see how cute I were! Shirt fit me so very best!

Helping Mommy DeclutterWell, now I five year old. Not baby no more. So grownd up that I are help Mommy do a de-clutter pro-jek in our house. Today we work on closet! We find mah old t-shirt!!!! I so excite, I say, “Mommy Mommy put mah shirt on me I love it!”

Rescue Shirt @ Age 5Well. It not fit. It fit like scarf. I’m like, ‘this use to fit! Use to fit perfect!’ And now I so grownd up that I grownd out of shirt!!!! I’m like… maebe are I FAT!?!? Are this wut FAT feel like?!?!?

Lucy and MommyBut Mommy say, “No Lucy, you not fat, you jus get grownd up. Gotta get new shirts for big girls.” So everything okay. And she promise we can keep mah old shirt forevers for mem-ree. So now I feel better, and I can tells you all bout it. Bye mah friends! I tell you more story soon!!