Mah friends mah friends! You know wut tomorrow are?

Lucy in YardIt are Thanks-givey! This a day we say ‘thank you’ to all the friends the fam-lee the Fat Pipers in our life. We say thank for have food in our bellehs, thank for warm blanket, thank for negroni cocktail which are mah fav-o-rit (just kid I never have ever dranked that!), and thank for BarkBox that come in the mail every month.

blanket fortBut day before Thanks-givey are jus as portant. Why this portant? Cause we gotta get ready for have fam-lee over for speshul day!!! We are have Thanks-givey at Grandma Grandpa house every year, so I go over there to help!

bathFirst thing are get Thanks-givey baff and this WORST. This such a big suck and I hear that Fat Piper not got ANY BAFF since she been 8 year old and I’m like THIS NOT FAIR but I does it anyway cause Mommy says I got to. She say, “Lucy smell so pretty, fur so shine.” I’m like, “Ugh Mommy this the worst.”

grocery listNext we are maek gross-ery list. This a list for wut to buy at store. Grandpa say, “Lucy, look this milk empty. Do we need milk?” and I’m like, “YUP LOOK LIKE IT GRANDPA, PUT IT ON OUR LIST.” I so helpful.

Pumpkin PieWhen we get our gross-ery, we must inspek the gred-ients to make shure we got all the right stuff. This look like we are maek a punkin pie! Look like right gred-ients to me, Grandma!

punkin pieBetter taste test it jus to be shure though.

put away your thingsAfter maek a pie (we maek FOUR PIE), you gotta clean ups after yourself. So we put away the mixer in the cabby-net.

vacuumThen it are tiem to vack-yoom. This a scary masheen that maek sound I do not like, but I know how portent it are to maek the floor pretty, so I does it anyway.

laundryThen I help fold lon-dree! Obv I do this with Mommy at home all the time so I kwite good at this in par-tic-lar and I do a fab-u-lus job. Look such straight pile. Look so organize.

checking turkeyAt this time I mus return to the cooking and check mah turkey! Can’t have Thanks-givey without turkey! Gotta maek sure it are right temp-a-chure. Maek sure it un-frosting. Maek sure it are delishus. (Just kid, I not get to lick it yet.)

dustingFinally, I even helps with the dust, even though it are maek mah nose itch and I sneeze. No, I did not eat the Snicker wrapper that you see by mah toe. It were jus there on the floor.

waitingAt last, all mah chores done! House all ready. Foods all ready. We all ready to have Thanks-givey at Grandma Grandpa house! Now it are tiem for me to wait. This the hardest part. Hope you all have great Thanks-givey mah friends!!