Dear Diary,

Yesterday it were so the stress-ful.

It were the first Steeler day! And I loves the Steelers! Mommy buys me a brand new Steeler shirt, but I wears it like a dress for many minutes until she can catch me and tie it up.

Then Mommy and Daddy tell me that all of mah friends gonna come over to watch Steelers and visit me! I get so excited that I get stuck in mah shirt. Oh, it are so embarrassing! And I make small scared noises while Mommy and Daddy tries to get me un-stuck. But they gives me all the peanut butter and pepperonis to helps me not cry, so that is good!

But then mah friends come over. And there so many beards in mah living room. And Mister Alex who I sees on the Face-book comes over, but his beard are so mah-jestic that I just cannot handles it. And Uncle Jon and Uncle Steve not have beards, but all the beards scares me too much to stay and see them.

So I hasta spend Steeler game in mah speshul tee-shirt in mah bed. And only Miss Arlene allowed to come visit with me, acause she a girl and she do not have a beard. And I still makes a little pee on the floor acause I scared, knowin all the beards in mah living room.

I haet beards. And I mad at the Pey-ton Man-ing, even though he do not have beard. I knows he must wants one. Haet.